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Dr. Andrew Hicks Dr. Andrew Hicks
LPE member, Colorado
Dr. Craig Burns

There is so much potential for improvement hiding in your practice. Let me show you where it is and how to access it. Like I was many years ago, you will be both surprised and excited at how much room for improvement there is right in front of you.

Dr. Craig Burns

Truth be told, it took me far too long to DIY my what to what I refer to as the Limitless Practice... a $1M+ practice, a self-sustainable practice with bullet proof systems and a dedicated staff, a practice with a business model that works harder for me than I have to work for it, a practice capable of giving me unlimited time and financial resources, and most importantly... a practice capable of influencing change and growth at the deepest levels possible for all who get involved (staff and practice members alike).

Now that I have “made it” I want to help others do it too... in less time, with less effort and stress.

This is my BIG WHY behind creating Limitless Practice Elite (LPE), a member’s only resource for helping Chiropractors fast track their way to extraordinary levels of success.

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