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An LPE membership is for highly ambitious Chiropractors who are driven to grow their practices, strengthen their businesses, and improve their lives.

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Do you want to be more successful as a Chiropractor?

Do you want to get to the next level as a business owner?

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Implement ONE idea into ONE area only and pay for a years membership. Implement more and enjoy an early retirement.

Dr. Andrew Hicks Dr. Andrew Hicks
LPE member, Colorado
Dr. Craig Burns

Can I be candid with you and just tell you what this is all about?

Dr. Craig Burns, Practice Performance Strategist

Truth be told, it took me far too long to DIY my what to what I refer to as the Limitless Practice... a $1M+ practice, a self-sustainable practice with bullet proof systems and a dedicated staff, a practice with a business model that works harder for me than I have to work for it, a practice capable of giving me unlimited time and financial resources, and most importantly... a practice capable of influencing change and growth at the deepest levels possible for all who get involved (staff members, associate doctors, and of course our patients and clients).

Now that I have “made it” I want to help others do it too... but in less time, with less effort, with less stress.

This is my BIG WHY behind creating Limitless Practice Elite (LPE), a member’s only resource for helping Chiropractors fast track their way to extraordinary levels of success.

If you are the type of Chiropractor who wants to...

  • grow your practice
  • build a successful business
  • serve more people more effectively
  • create certainty & freedom for your family
  • be limitless in your business & personal life

...then becoming a member of Limitless Practice Elite (LPE) is a no-brainer for YOU.

An LPE Membership Makes Learning To Be Successful:

Convenient. Affordable. Stress Free. Risk Free.

No Contracts. No Commitments.

Learn To Innovate And Optimize In Key Areas...








The vision for Limitless Practice Elite (LPE) is to help you create the practice you want and the life you deserve.

An LPE membership will help you think, act, and transact more strategically in your business.

It will make you a better Chiropractor and an even better Entrepreneur.

Join me, and like-minded colleagues, who are committed to making it happen!

Limitless Practice Elite has challenged me to think more strategically about the way I run my business, how I communicate with patients and their families, and how to generate more referrals. It's a supportive community of well-respected chiropractors looking to better themselves and the profession as a whole. I'm continually inspired knowing I have a solid resource and place I can go to learn from other doctors. It is well worth the investment and I'd recommend it to any chiropractor looking to better themselves and their practice.

Dr. Samantha Jennings Dr. Samantha Jennings
LPE member, California

Dr. Kyle Freeman Dr. Kyle Freeman, LPE member, Minnesota

As soon as you invest in the Elite group, you will 10x your value. There is information right out of the gate that I'm applying in my practice from day one! The podcasts have a perfect balance of mindset and strategy that anyone can begin using with their patients. When you get to podcast 104, buckle in, it might change your life!

Ranvir Sahota Ranvir Sahota, LPE member, California

LPE is a game changer! The amount of value you get from the program is unreal. The podcasts help to keep you focused on strategy and innovation. You won't find this kind of value for such a small investment anywhere else.

Already Part Of A Mastermind Group?

That's great! We support the idea of being active with other groups.

Currently Have a Practice Management Coach?

If you are like everyone else, you will see that LPE is very different and unique. Everything we do is wonderfully innovative and wildly effective. You will not find these ideas and strategies anywhere else!

I belong to two different management groups that have not moved me in two years on my goals.  I am only in them due to the contractual obligation at this point.  I have increased my collections, patient visits, referrals, and more with LPE. Hands down...the best money I have ever invested.

Dr. Chris Hayes Dr. Chris Hayes
LPE member, Florida

The 3 Core Elements Of Membership

  • Weekly Podcasts

    Get VIP access to a library of practice building podcasts that will connect you with outrageously effective and innovative growth strategies. Step-by-step from idea to execution, these podcasts will make sure you grow weekly as a Chiropractor and business owner.

  • FB Mastermind Group

    Surround yourself with like-minded colleagues where we can interact in a private and friendly environment. Tons of great content and support. Regular LIVE Q&A sessions. Truth is, every great entrepreneur should have a mastermind group to support them.

  • Retention & Referrals

    Get access to invaluable content via podcast and Facebook that will help you massively improve your signup, resign, retention and referral programs. Just wait until you see the strategies we share with you. This alone is worth investing in an LPE membership!

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Dr. Craig Burns

If you already have a limitless practice, one that gives you all the time and financial freedom you desire, this may not be for you. If on the other hand, that is exactly what you want to create, then an LPE membership is exactly what you need.

Dr. Craig Burns, Practice Performance Strategist

Membership Is An Investment In Your Future!

  • Get new and innovative strategies for growing as a chiropractor and entrepreneur.
  • Be part of a mastermind group that you can benefit from and contribute to.
  • Avoid "goo-roo" gimmickry, expensive coaching contracts, long distance travel, etc.
  • Overcome the limitations that constrict and constrain your potential for success.
  • Use the LPE membership to upgrade how you think, act and transact in business.
  • Leverage the LPE membership to get what you want from your business, and in your life.

Whether you are just in practice or a seasoned practitioner the information available through LPE is excellent. What I truly love is being able to move at my own pace through the information and having a community of like-minded individuals to communicate with. No isolation, no weekly phone calls, no B.S. just effective tools to expand your influence. All of that for literally the cost of one adjustment. It’s a no brainer.

Dr. Corey Borck Dr. Corey Borck
LPE member, Michigan

I'm new to the LPE crew, but in the short time that I have been a part of this group I have received value. Craig makes himself so available to the group and answers my questions effectively and in a very timely manner. But, the thing I feel is paramount, is Craig's authenticity. It seems like genuine and authentic people are harder to find these days and I am so happy that I joined a group that has a passionate leader who truly believes in improving the lives of his tribe. I am very excited for what the future holds and I am grateful for the role that LPE plays!

Dr. Brandon Cooley Dr. Brandon Cooley
LPE member, Michigan

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